Thursday, 11 September 2014

Three years later and a lot's changed in The Shire.....

Well..... Where to start..... Suffice to say things worked out rather differently to how they were supposed to.
1) I got Very Depressed, stuck with no friends, a tricky child, and eventually a job that I ended up hating.
2) TMM got fed up with me and left.
3) We are now divorced.
4) We both have new partners.
5) The children, now 6 and 9, love our new partners.
6) We've nearly finished the legal stuff and I get to keep the house (Mescher agreement for him that I don't imagine will be activated any time soon).
7) Whilst getting together with my partner was The Best Thing Ever (after having my children yadda yadda) it has not been without its challenges from his ex and his children.
8) I'm pretty darn happy, finally. And working on keeping it that way.

Maybe I'll get back to keeping up this blog. Maybe I won't. But hello, if you remember me.....