Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Oh, here I am......

Well.  That worked, huh? This blog thing? 

To be truthful, the whole leaving job, leaving London, becoming a Shire dweller, becoming a full time mother thing has just hit me for six.  I don't seem to have any time.  (And any stuff I've got to say is just moaning because of the the whole leaving job, leaving London, becoming a Shire dweller, becoming a full time mother thing.  The health visitor came round to meet No 2 and let me know help is there if I should need it, though, so I do know where to go to get some real life support, panic not.)

And now we have time - half term, kids with grandparents, TMM has taken some time off.... what happens? Yup - ILL. Head down loo night before last - me, lunchtime yesterday - him, in bed with fever all day - me, from 3pm yesterday - him, tentative wobblyness today - both.  We're supposed to be DIY-ing this place senseless. 

So I have spent the bulk of today wielding a paintbrush, trying to be steady enough to do the tricky bits on the wall painting that TMM has not been able to do through lack of patience, whilst he's been off collecting his classic car from That London.  The paintbrush wielding is fine (and rather satisfying - I have decided that the silly foot long blinds and curtains that cover the silly side window in the extension are coming OFF leaving a nice neutrally painted space for me to put Things), the wobblyness and aloneness-whilst-feeling rubbish - not so much.

ANYWAY..... things for Child No 1 are looking up in that he managed to remember to ask his Best Friend if he would like to come to tea, then managed to listen to me long enough in the playground that he understood I needed to know a) who the Best Friend was and b) who his mother/father/carer was.  So we duly approached the relevant persons and although his mother looked at me like I was an ogre when I first spoke, we actually managed to arrange a tea date!

That was last Friday and the boys were brilliant - mainly because they kept out of my way - and I am very happy to see that my son's choice in friends is rather fabulous - very polite but friendly child.  Could teach No 1 a thing or two..... AND Best Friend's brother is the same age as my No 2 so BF's mother has suggested that I could drop No 2 off for the hour of my Pilates beginner course (that takes place just as the creche at the leisure centre closes) on Monday.  Well if that isn't nice.  She works at the leisure centre (evenings), actually, so she said if No 2 got upset she'd just drop her off so she (No 2) could find me herself.  Yes!!! A JOKE!!!! Exactly the sort of thing I'd say too!!!

She wouldn't have a cuppa, though.  So, being something of a tea fiend myself, I'm not sure we will be best friends........

I have also found the local amdram society and they are auditioning a week on Monday for their next show, which will be in November - they rehearse once a week so I would be able to manage that methinks (such a longer timescale than my last collective, but this is The Shire).  Unfortunately I have no way of knowing if they are shit or not.  I recently went back to That London and saw two amdram shows, both good standards, one (my previous group) STUNNING and it's made me realise that until the kids are old enough to microwave their own turkey drummers and I can get back out there and do some proper acting again I need to keep the dramatic cravings fed.  We'll see. 

However, I've managed to do precisely no studying.  But I have at least founded my desk space and got everything in a nice order on top of it.  And if I do my bit with the DIY I will actually be able to find my books and a space in which to work and will be able to demand more me time.

So back to the painting.  I'm going to stop in time for The Apprentice.  Hmmmm..........

Thanks for your comments, by the way.  I'm still in Dongle land unfortunately, so no replies from me for a while.  Sorry.


  1. I'm glad the school thing has settled, kids make friends so easily, lucky monkeys. What's Dongle land? Aren't dongles the poo bits that hang from sheep hair or is that something else*?
    *Originally was from the country but emigrated to London so now classed as a city type.

  2. Hmm, in the West Country as kids we called them dingle berries.... Good to see you back.

  3. Well there you are! Well done on all fronts. And can't wait until you move on from that there dongle! xxx