Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dear Fancy

I can't seem to comment on anyone's posts tonight, so here's what I've been trying to tell you and your gang.

Well Lordy.... I'm not quite sure what to say... Thank you! What a welcome.  I'll get into this blogging thing once I've remembered which way is up, in the meantime I do believe this techno-novice has some following to do.
Oh and Fancy, I'm not sure quite how much you've stalked, but I was in a horror movie about a honeymoon gone wrong.... quite popular in parts of Salford I'm told....


  1. Yay! Welcome to the party! I have had trouble commenting when I've been using my dongle (no not that dongle, an internet dongle) and it fixed when I got home. Or try a different browser? Firefox v Safari might help. I'll keep an eye out and help you get a leg up. It's called paying it forward. x

  2. oh and as to that movie...was it in English? Did you have your clothes on? :-)

  3. I am now following you via Fancy!

  4. Where you been? What's happening? I can't drive this ship for you, you know! :-) Have you fixed the comment issue? Email me at