Monday, 7 March 2011

Here's what I'm going to do.....

My list of Things To Do once we've moved.

  1. Unpack (well, like, duh).
  2. Finish ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Certificate.  I have two assessments to hand in on 6th April.  I have new confidence about this as I got ALL THE MARKS, that's it, 100% for my last assignment, which I cried over because it was so hard (I thought).  Then I have two work based assignments to complete, officially given to us in April and usually taking 3 months to complete (Allegedly).  No, I won't be "at work".  But I will be making sure that I keep in touch with the team member who's agreed to be my mentor.  ETD: July 2011
  3. Continue with and complete my NCT HE Diploma in Breastfeeding Counselling with Licence to Practice.  This is brilliant because a) I am in awe of breastfeeding and therefore positively devour any information I can get on it, so it's not really studying, it's intrigue and interest and oh! just lovely b) I had two such different BF experiences (6 weeks of agony with No1, 11 months of, overall, loveliness with No 2) that I really want to try and help mothers achieve what they want to when they feed their babies without all the heartache and pain I went through, c) if I can earn some money for my family by doing this I will be so so happy (hmmm.... I remember saying the same thing about acting...)  and d) I get to play with babies and boobs so what's not to like?!  (I do know that's not actually what a BFC does.  Certainly not an NCT one. Honest.)  Also, will be able to get more involved with NCT in the countryside than have been in South London due to oodles of non-working time.  ETD: January 2013 (Diploma)
  4. Help my friend The God Mother write her sitcom. ETD: Whenever we run out of biscuits.
  5. Get together with Debs and really set up a children's murder mystery party company and bring it to the not-quite-Home-Counties with a vengeance (haha  - murder -vengeance......) ETD: Well, why  not start asap, frankly....
  6. Be a mother to my two lovely kids by spending quality time with them, encouraging No 1 with his reading, being able to collect him from school and have his friends round for tea, getting out and about with No 2 and making some friends with her. ETD: ASAP
  7. Be a wife to the wonderful Man Mountain, keep the house clean and a lovely place to come home to and not be so stressed that I'm so happy to see him back from his work jaunts that I have a go about him deserting me. ETD: Once we've unpacked.
  8. Write a bonkbuster.... who knows..... ETD: Well, I'll need to do some research first, clearly ;)
  9. Just find me again.  I used to be happy and funny, imaginative, popular and thin.  ETD: Whenever.  NOT going to pressurise myself especially re getting thin.
  10. And...... stuff.......  ETD:  Oh, you know.  About *Then*.

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