Wednesday, 23 March 2011

House business

Well, we completed on 11th and it was all rather dull, actually.  I suppose the wind was taken out of my sales because the first phone call I got was from Phil at the estate agents telling me he'd got "key release". Hmmm.  I realised this is not an affliction he was owning up to, but rather that we'd completed.  Oh good.  No champagne as we're both too tired/off alcohol for Lent, but I think we had a kebab by way of celebration that evening.

Went up there on Saturday - met both neighbours, all seems lovely.  House is, predictably, in need of some TLC - spent £300 in the valhalla of B&Q.

Not overly excited, especially seeing the amount of work we have to do.  TMM reckons he is going to spend every weekend between now and then up at the house painting and decorating.  Ummm... no we're not. Negotiations have been had.  I've got 2 essays to hand in by 6th April and funnily enough I can't work so well with children in the way.....

Anyway, our current task is to attempt to keep the flat tidy for viewings.  Wish us luck.....

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