Thursday, 28 April 2011

School playground

Today has been a bit rubbish in terms of moving-to-the-countryside-will-be-fabulous-ness.

I am well aware that I come across a bit - well- frosty, perhaps.  There are two main reasons for this 1) I look moody when I don't smile and 2) I am usually incredibly nervous about meeting new people and sometimes this comes over as incredibly-laid-backness.

So when I took No 1 to school today, first time through the right doors with all the other parents (we were let in through the school office yesterday, being his first day), I made a point of being smiley and saying hello to people, saing "gosh, that's lovely" at the union flag outfits and princess crowns and so on that the kids were allowed to bring to school.

But nothing.  Not a smile back from a single parental-type.  No 1 was off running round playing tag with his new friends and I was the one in the corner, gripping on to No 2 for some sort of comfort.

Anyway, at home time No 1's teacher asked if she could have a word.  Turns out No 1 had a "rather sad lunchtime".  He's been "hurting" people - playfighting but not stopping when they asked him to - so could I please have a word about "being kind"?

I am really really hoping this exuberance gets channelled effectively.  I know the kids have been under house arrest whilst we attempt to get the house liveable-inable and I can understand that therefore they want to go a bit mental when they get released into the wild, but I really could do with them (No 1 especially) calming down soon, thankyouplis. 

I don't want to be "that boy's mother".

After all, I even wore my Barbour to prove that although I am From London, I am adaptable......


  1. ah, frosty? Yep. Learn to comment. Har har. I'm must admit, I wake up in a cold sweat sometimes thinking we could move to the suburbs and then how would people know I'm Fancy? And then I realize I'm standing in Waitrose wearing flip flops and cut offs and it dawns on me: it's the attitude...

  2. oh and lose the spam box. typing those letters kills me. Are you seriously inundated with spam? Yea, I thought so. The most popular kids on the block don't do it. :-)

  3. As someone who has recently (well five years ago) moved from the city (Milan) to the country (I won't bother writing the name, it's practically not even on the map) I feel for you!

  4. I get where you're coming from with this one. Oh how i hate my desperation when it comes to trying to be friendly with the school mums. Why do I care?!? I Hope that your son settles in quickly

  5. Hope things are on the up since your post? We are knew to our school too, though only moved to another area of London (Jealous??), its tough being the new mum.